Visit Seili

Seili is an island with a unique nature and an interesting history, located in the middle of the Finnish Archipelago. As the summer season has started and the weather is pleasant for the sailors- we wanted to interview the crew of Seili and ask them how they are prepared for the season while the world is campaigning against the Covid-19. We interviewed Janita Aro, who is the responsible guide at Seili. This post is written based on the interview.

The season on Seili has started a bit slowly because of the corona virus. Seili`s staff went to the beautiful island of Seili in April to refurbish places. The season was meant to start a lot earlier and there were plans for excursions to take a place already on Easter times. Unfortunately, at that point excursions and trips to Seili needed to be cancelled because of the seriousness of the situation. Creative thinking changed into planning a stragedy. At this moment there are guided tours kept during the weekends, but the demand for them is low. Earlier the café was open only during the weekends but in June it will be open on the weekdays also.

Ms. Aro thinks it is sad that this situation went on as the spring was looking so good for the boaters. (And she is absolutely right!) Even if the excursions and trips were cancelled, the lucky ones with their own boats have found their way to Seili. The staff team of Seili are taking this situation very seriously and are following the instructions with care. Seili as a destination is easy for keeping the safe distance to other visitors. Accommodation that they have on Seili is kept clean and offers own kitchens for the people who decides to stay there. There has already been people who has stayed several nights on Seili this spring. Seili is an easy destination to travel for one day. There is lot of people who has travelled to Seili and found their way back also. Many people start their season from Seili but also finish it there.

Ms. Aro hopes that the next season would be busy. Seili is going to level up with trends that are taking a big part in our today’s world; sustainable development and demand- and nature tourism. At this moment travelling abroad is not so tempting and people are reacting to air travelling because of the environmental friendliness. There will be more input to networking, cooperation and local activities.

This spring has been extraordinary with its limitations. People have found the joy of going outside, being active and getting to know to nature more closely, as everything else has been prohibited. Hopefully people will still after this situation want to go outside and enjoy the nature. Ms. Aro wishes that people will learn to behave and be more responsible in the nature in the future.

As the summer is coming and Seili is one of the places you should most definitely visit. Pack your bags, take your friends and head to the island of Seili! Even if there are the limitations, you can still do a lot within them and the island of Seili is just perfect for that. Have a little sneak peek of Seili on Instagram @ visitseili.

Big thanks to Seili and thank you, Janita Aro, for giving us an amazing interview!

Interviewed and written by Satu Kumpulainen and Veera Vatanen