Social Media Campaign for Tackork, Nauvo, Finland



From the 28.05.2020 to 30.05.2020 we, a group of four international students (Spain, Germany, Finland) participated at the VISIT Sprint. We created a lot of ideas, learned how Design Thinking is working and also just had a lot of fun.

Our task was to create awareness for a business that is called Tackork (Gård + Marina). Its an old reformed berry farm in Nauvo (south-east Finland, archipelago). They started to focus on tourism 2-3 years ago and offer for example star cottages, guest harbour and smoke sauna.

The aim of the owner was that we would create awareness to foreign people. After we talked to other groups, who also had the same business and task, we decided that we would focus on German people. At first we tried to understand what the problem was, why Germans don’t travel to Tackork. And we realised that the simple problem was just that German people didn’t know about the place.

Therefore we created an Social-Media-Campaign to create awareness to german people. We tested some posts and improved them.Then we made a pitch-presentation and discussed it with the client.

Over all it was a great experience.

Ariana, Elviira, Alba and Sichi