Naturum Trollskogen – Öland

Naturum Trollskogen is a nature area that is located on the northeast of Öland. They have exhibitions, guided tours and activities for all ages. In the natural environment visitors can learn more about the animals, plants, geology and cultural history that shaped the area.

We interviewed Marie Larsson from Naturum Trollskogen and asked how they are doing in these unexceptional times. This post is written based on the answers we got from them.

Naturum Trollskogen is closed at the moment, but they hope that they can have at least some activities in the summer. Now when they have more time, they have had time to work with their social media and try think new ways to take care of their visitors. They are also involved in a project together with Naturum Ottenby and BirdLife Sverige. They produce films about Öland and the nature so that they can bring the nature to those who cannot get out because of the Covid-19 or because that they have any form of disabled. They want to give experiences to those who cannot enjoy nature and animals in the same way this year.

(photo: Marie Larsson)

Even though they cannot be totally prepared for the new seasons and the future, they have some good plans and scenarios in mind. So, if the restrictions change during the summer or if they have to make some changes during the season, they are already prepared.

When we asked Ms. Larsson how she sees the future of the tourism industry, she said that she thinks nothing will be the same for several years. Öland is dependent on tourism seasons, so it will be hard for the people who live there. But because of good preparations and plans, they will get through this.

We want to thank Naturum Trollskogen and Marie Larsson for answering our interview.


Interviewed and written by Satu Kumpulainen and Veera Vatanen