Majatalo Martta

Guesthouse Martta is located in Nauvo, in the middle of the Turku archipelago, only an hour’s drive from Turku. They serve tourists all year round. The modern rooms of the hundred-year-old house offer a wonderful experience in a peaceful environment. The guesthouse’s restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and À la carte-menu. We got in touch with them and interviewed Aili Uja, the owner of the Guesthouse Martta. The interview was about how they are doing during these unexceptional times and this post is based on the answers we got.

As you can guess, the season started slowly. People were reacting to the corona virus and were following the rules that were set by the government. Ms. Uja tells us that all the bookings were cancelled, including the confirmation camps. She is hoping that there will be bookings for the summer when the time will be right for it. Guesthouse Martta’s restaurant has been closed during this pandemic, but they have baked custom cakes occasionally, for example on Mother’s Day.

They work long days renovating places and preparing the guesthouse for the summer. There are not that many stuff members at the Guesthouse Martta, but Ms. Uja hopes that they will have a trainee for the summer, who would also be offered accommodation. When they open for the visitors, they will pay more attention to cleaning and keeping the safe distance.

Ms. Uja hopes that, in the future, people would spend more on domestic tourism and explore their home country.

(Photo from Majatalo Martta websites)


Interviewed and written by Satu Kumpulainen and Veera Vatanen