Despite COVID-19, Parainen set a new record in tourist numbers in the summer of 2020, amazing!

In the year 2019, the tourism board of the city of Parainen published an article about tourist rates that they have never seen before, which was 48000 tourists. The number of cyclist tourists had increased by 20% a year. This year, both records were broken, the Parainen City tourism board announced on September 25, 2020.

When corona restrictions eased in early summer, people had a desire to travel and this was seen as an increase in number of tourists on Archipelago Trails in June and August. This was particularly positive because typically the busiest month is July. Due to this, Archipelago Trails were popular tourism attractions all summer, which is very important for entrepreneurs in the tourism business in the archipelago.

The total number of tourists increased by 11%, which means more than 53,000 tourists. The number of cyclist tourists increased even more, by 43% on the main Archipelago Trail and 37% on the small Archipelago Trail. The increase in the number of tourists could be seen e.g. in accommodation statistics, queuing, cottage rentals and restaurant revenues.

The reason for the record is probably the restrictions and threats the COVID-19 situation posed on foreign tourism. It seems that when people cannot spend their money to travel abroad, they spend their money on domestic tourism. This is supported by accommodation statistics, which show that domestic tourism on the Archipelago Trails grew by 35% this year. In addition, tourists may have spent money and stayed longer than usual, which is good news for entrepreneurs in the area.

However, it is difficult to draw conclusions for the future, but the current situation seems good!