Büdlfarm and Bookings in the Time of the Pandemic

We are the team two of VISIT Design Sprint Ideathon, formed by five students from five different countries: Finland, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Croatia.

Our teams’ case was to help Büdlfarm, an accommodation business in northern Germany. Our task was to create a solution to a problem “How to deal with and handle cancellations”. We used service design process in order to create a new service idea for the company.

On the first day of the sprint, we researched our case company and some of the nearby competitors by netscouting. We also gathered valuable customer understanding through interviews. This data was used to create a fictional persona, who would use the service. Based on the persona we created a customer journey, which shows the touchpoints and emotions during the service process.

On the second day we started the ideation process, starting with a brainwriting session. The point of brainwriting is to come up with as many ideas as possible from each team member and based on those ideas the best three are chosen for a further development.

The service idea we came up with is the forum. Customers who need or want to cancel their reservation could use the forum to find other customers in their replacement. This way, the customers and the business wouldn’t lose the money because of cancellations. Below you can see an example of the forum’s layout. Customers would also have an option to submit their experiences.

On third and final day we started the morning with a compact guidance of a sales speech (pitch). After that we had time to work on our pitch, which we later presented to the other teams, the representatives of the businesses, our teachers and assistants.