VISIT cooperates with SMEs

The main goal of the VISIT project is to develop new and innovative services for businesses on small islands in Europe. VISIT focuses on leisure and tourist related small and medium enterprises (SMEs). “There is unanimity of opinions that innovations represent a key factor of competitiveness and development, in all domains of activity, including in the industry of tourism and travel” (Ioncică et al 2015:496).

Often SMEs do not have the resources to foster extensive service innovation projects. This is the playground of VISIT. VISIT helps local SMEs to get new insights, innovative service ideas and develops them to a prototype.


After testing and refining the prototype with real tourists a business model canvas is made and presented to the SME and other stakeholders like the municipality or the island community. According to the SME feedback realistic business plans are developed individually for the company. This ensures an implementation on highest business standards and a possible return on investment.

If the company agrees VISIT helps with interns to implement the developed and tested service innovations. Interns are well educated students of the participating universities. These students have already experience in business and/or hospitality management.

Implementing new services helps SME to increase their visibility on their market. Moreover, on small island it even helps the whole island to offer new and outstanding services to relevant stakeholders like tourists.