November Visit to Fehmarn

The project VISIT has already stayed on three islands so far: Paxos (Greece), Öland (Sweden), and Nauvo (Finland). It is quite fascinating to notice that the islands are so different from each other. The nature, infrastructure and life are different. Naturally the people also share some things in their lives, since their lifestyle is that of an islander. Next stop will be Fehmarn, Germany.

One Sunday morning in early November, the German and Finnish partners travelled to Fehmarn to do some ethnographic research in the area and find suitable locations for the upcoming ISP (Intensive Study Program) in May 2020. We visited a hostel, hotels and other accommodation types.

Since the partners, students and teachers, will be staying on Fehmarn for a week in May, we need to find a place where to live and work.

A great view from one of the hotels in Fehmarn.

One of the accommodation options in Fehmarn.

For the Finns, Fehmarn seemed like a quiet place but this is not reality. In real life, Fehmarn is a busy island. It is connected to Denmark with a ferry line, which is familiar for many Nordic people. Fehmarn is an island with a great strategic location. It also houses a curiosity, namely, as some people call it, the world’s largest border shop.

World’s largest border shop in Fehmarn.

We are looking forward to our ISP in Fehmarn, where we hope we can cooperate with a lot of the local people in finding solutions to challenges caused by seasonality, for example.

Photos by Niina Pasanen