Intensive Study Program in Nauvo and Korppoo, Finland

During 22-28 September the partners had their third intensive study program in Nauvo and Korppoo, Finland. The group included ten teachers and twenty students.

The season in Nauvo was over for the summer. Nevertheless, the weather was magnificent, mostly, with sunshine and clear, crisp mornings.

Students were very motivated and worked hard during the whole week. They collaborated with their clients and developed new service ideas for them. The clients were:

Nauvo, Korppoo and Seili have a lot of potential to increase the number of visitors during the season but especially the low season would be able to welcome visitors for shorter and longer periods of time.


The group visited Turku on Tuesday to carry out some ethnographic research. First in Turku, the group received a lot of information at Aboa Vetus.

Visit Parainen and Visit Turku had invited the group there for presentations on the tourism in the area of Nauvo, Parainen, and Turku.