Intensive Study Programs

What are Intensive Study Programs?

VISIT organizes five Intensive Study Programs during the lifecycle of the project. ISPs are intensive weeks where both teaching, learning and developing activities are incorporated. Students and teachers work intensively for the whole time in an Intensive Study Program. The Erasmus Strategic Partnerships funding covers basic expenses for the participants in the ISP.

Why do we run ISPs?

It is important that students and teachers are committed to cooperate with local businesses in the project. The main activities carried out during an ISP focuses on learning, coaching and developing. Students work in international teams and are coached by teachers from all different partners. The learning process focuses on learning about business operations on small European islands, developing new services for the businesses there and presenting the new innovations to the clients at the end.

After the ISPs, partners continue working on the results from the intensive week. The VISIT model will slowly develop during the months of the project. This includes, for example, the generating of Innovative Business Plans, Service Logic Business Model Canvases, HAM Participation Maps, and internships for students at the businesses on the islands.

Another aspect that makes the intensive weeks worthwhile is to internationalize students and teachers, share cultural experiences and communicate with locals on the islands. Networking is an essential part of this week, and it comes completely naturally amidst the other activities.

The Intensive Weeks during VISIT

The first intensive week was organized on Paxos, Greece during the first week of October 2018. The next ISP was organized on Ă–land during 5-11 May 2019. The following intensive week takes place on Nauvo during 22-28 September 2019. Fehmarn ISP is organized during spring 2020 and Vis ISP in the autumn 2020.

Read about the first intensive week on Paxos here.