Feelings Before the VISIT Conference

I had the pleasure of discussing the upcoming conference with two speakers and colleagues of mine. Here are their feelings and thoughts of the exciting event:

KH (Kristina Henriksson): How are your feelings now before the conference?

PM (Päivi Mantere): I am really looking forward to be part of the conference. We have worked very hard with the islanders and students to generate some nice results.

JR (Jami Riihihuhta): Well, I must say that it has been a pleasure working in the project with all the partners and businesses as well as students. Even though the project is not yet over, I am already a bit sad it will end one day this year. The conference will present results that we have created.

KH: What have you learned from the project that you would like to tell people who are joining the conference?

PM: I think that sustainable tourism has a future. During the intensive study weeks it has been rewarding to see how students have been able to produce new service ideas in real time with the businesses in the locations (islands).

JR: I have noticed that active participants (for example, business owners or students) have gained the most from the processes. Also, we have received good results locally, which I think it is very good, they are very tangible results.

Thank you for your thoughts! Looking forward to the conference, do join us!