Ideathon Corona Tourism


How long days will I need to be prepared for?

This is a good question. Basically, you will need to be prepared to participate all the days and evenings as well. We will be working very efficiently and intensively for three days and evenings (some might like to work even nights, that is up to them to choose to do so if they like).

Does it cost something to participate in the Sprint?

Education in Finland is free of charge for European students. This is organized by Laurea University of Applied Sciences and in cooperation with VISIT partners.

What kind of level of English does one need to have to be able to participate in the Sprint?

Your English skills are enough if you can communicate well enough in speaking and writing so that people understand you and your writing in your field of study.

Do we need some special ICT or digital skills for the Sprint?

We will be using Zoom for workshops and lessons. We hope you have already become acquainted with the software but if you have not, it is not too difficult to use. You always need to log in with your first and last name. This is a requirement for participating in teaching. Furthermore, you need to download the Zoom software on your pc or mac in advance. You can also have it on your phone and iPad or tablet. But in case you are collaborating with team members in Zoom on shared screens maybe the laptop is more useful. It is good to have the phone as a backup in case connections do not work on the laptop.

Otherwise, you need to know the basic Microsoft sharing tools and Google sharing tools, as well as how to write documents. It is a plus if you know how to make videos, cartoons, storyboards, and how to draw on a computer.

What is the preassignment?

The preassignment is needed because we need to be prepared for the Sprint in advance. During the three days we will not have too much extra time for getting acquainted with the wide picture of the situation we are solving. Therefore, you will have one week time before the Sprint to read some material that will provide you with insight into the wide picture of tourism on islands in Europe. In addition, you will read up on Design Thinking and other supportive material.

What is the post-assignment?

For you to gain three (3) ECTS for this Sprint, you will need to work enough hours. Therefore, we would like to make the whole Sprint study unit into an entity, meaning that first you read material that will prepare you for the Sprint, then you participate in it. After the Sprint, you will, with your team members, write a post for the VISIT blog on what you have done and for whom, presenting professionally your input in the Sprint and what you have given to the business. You can share some images from your work as well.

What equipment do we need for the Sprint?

You will need your laptop, phone, and Whatsapp at least. You need to make sure that your laptop’s camera and sounds are working as well.

Are there any special prerequisites in order to be able to join the Sprint?

We welcome any level students from higher education in Europe. You can study any field.

What do we learn during the Sprint?

You will learn – we hope – about international teamwork, how to work creatively under time pressure, and about the design thinking process. We also hope that you will learn a bit about how island tourism works and what kind of businesses there are on the islands, and of course, a bit how the pandemic is affecting the field.

What is an Ideathon?

An ideathon can be a big brainstorming event, lasting many hours. However, we combine the ideathon with the Design Sprint and there we have a creative Sprint where all students can shine and do some good, while still getting credits for their studies.