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VISIT Erasmus+  Project – Versatile Islands cooperating for new Services and Innovation in Tourism

The Versatile Islands Cooperating for New Services and Innovation in Tourism (VISIT) project is an Erasmus+ research project lead by Laurea University of Applied Science in Finland and involving partner institutions from Germany (Fachhochschule Kiel), Croatia (Veleuciliste Vern) Sweden (Linnaeus University) and Scotland (Robert Gordon University).
The main focus of the VISIT project is to develop existing and create new innovative services with small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) on European islands to boost local regions. Each Higher Education Institution (HEI) involved in the project hosts an Intensive Study Programme (ISP) on their home island and all HEIs bring a set of students and teaching staff with an aim of forming a sustainable network with SMEs to develop services and encourage entrepreneurship.

The benefits of the project include strengthening the islands´ economy, generating new jobs, steady income, increasing sustainable tourism, international networking with other islands in online community and cooperation with partners to develop more services and businesses with the islands. VISIT project also provides companies opportunities to integrate VISIT business models to develop their own services.
VISIT is developing an online community with self-study module for SMEs and students to develop services in Higher Education Institute courses with SMEs via online community in the future and provide internships for students on islands. The future cooperation gives possibilities both in services development and studies, based on experiences and results from the project. VISIT Handbook compiles the results of the project and how these results can be transferred to other territories and HEIs.